Understanding Chakra Energy

chakra frequencies


During the initial phases of recovering extra energy is obtained from 7th and first chakras. As practice grows one receives equal energy quantities from all the chakras.

You gain awareness of some sense of the one-of-a-kind nature of each chakra and in the condition of each chakra in your patients.

The Reiki healer acts as a conductor of positive energy from the cosmos to the body that needs recovery.

With correct Reiki training one can end up being a Reiki Master or a healer and therefore channelize favorable energy in other individuals’s body and recover them. This training can just take place in a Reiki training where the training or the ability to perform Reiki is moved from the teacher to the student in similar fashion like Reiki healing.

The Reiki attunement procedure now progresses with the master taking the recipient’s palms into his own, drawing signs on them, chanting each sign’s name, blowing and tapping with intense focus.

This similar process is again undertaken by the master for the recipient’s 3rd eye region.

Afterwards, the master visualizes the master violet sign in his own left hand and holds it on the recipient’s right palm, tapping, blowing and chanting while doing so and does the exact same thing with the various other palm too. With intense concentration he pictures the sign in between the two palms of the recipient slowly bringing them together and giving it back to them. Finally, after the Reiki attunement process is total, the master stands back, acquiesces recognize the recipient for their new capability and who they are.

This whole body therapy opens up obstructions in any of the ‘7 energy points’ or ‘7 Chakras’, maintaining a balance between the body and the cosmos. This includes concentrating onto certain parts of the body of the specific and exercising hand positions to recover that certain Chakra.

One gets to send out energy and healing through areas and ranges.

There are 3 levels of Reiki training needed to be cleared before one becomes a Reiki Master: Student level is the first level of Reiki Training; Practitioner is the 2nd level of Reiki Training; Reiki Master Level attunement is the third level of Reiki Training: After you achieve these levels, there are two more levels of refinement. To be revealed the master symbol is the 2nd step to becoming Reiki master.

To reach at any level of Reiki one have to comprehend the numerous signs and principles in Reiki.

Ritualistically, Reiki Training is divided into two segments. The first where, the student sits in front of the Reiki Master, while the Master obtains divine energy with his left palm, gesturing unique Reiki signs on the head of the recipient with his right-hand man concentrating and meditating deeply all this while. This procedure needs extensive concentration. In the 2nd segment of Reiki Training, the master concerns the front.

By brushing, tapping, chanting and so on, the Master concentrates on the 3rd eye region and palms of the student.

Yet again, he draws symbols, makes use of hand techniques like tapping when he is deep in meditation. This procedure is performed around the 3rd eye area likewise. The Reiki Master then envisions the ‘Master Violet’ symbol in his left and right palms and transfers it into the recipient’s right and left palms respectively, by tapping and stroking all the while.

Then he thinks of ‘Master Violet’ in-between both the palms of the Recipient and brings them together by joining them. The Master virtually transfers his power and ability and lastly bows down to the Recipient, humbly differentiating his recently gotten powers.

The recipient’s Reiki Training is now total and he is now a a proficient practitioner of Reiki with the power to recover others.

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