The Concept Of Chakra Cleansing

meaning of chakra

Chakra Meditation includes three strategies in this order. Grounding Technique. As is evident from its name, the Grounding Technique makes your body feel gotten in touch with the Earth. The application of this method is quite basic. Just envision a root growing from your body and becoming part of the Earth. Easier it may sound, but requires extreme concentration and mental awareness while performing the Grounding Technique. Focusing Technique, which focuseds on preparing your body to get the benefits of Chakra Meditation. Just take 3 to 5 deep breaths and envision relaxation of every body part from toe to crown. In simple words, just tighten up and relax each body part from toe to the crown, and afterwards imagine the act of focusing a pot on a pottery wheel. Leisure Technique. The Relaxation Technique is the main act in the entire Chakra Meditation process.

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