out of body consciousness

“Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Every so often I get clobbered by my hormones. They grab me and throw me to the ground. (In my next life I am coming back as a man!) Anyway, it always amazes me how someone who talks about, writes about and teaches the stuff of how to live a great life can go from living it one day to despair and hopelessness the next.

When I listen to myself going through these short lived (thank God) episodes describing why I feel this way and what is wrong with my life and the world, at the moment I’m in it I am totally focused on the negative. No one can imagine the overwhelming feeling of despair unless you have experienced it yourself.

But, the good news for me, unlike so many who suffer with ongoing depression is that it is short lived and the next day I can be back in “hormonal” balance. When I look back on these bouts of “losing it” what I realize is that my consciousness shifts from what I consider normal to something that feels so foreign to me.

The irony is, what is so different about your life from one day to the next. Everything is the same, the only difference is your attitude and your thougth process. The reality is the only thing that changes is your outlook.

Hopefully you have family and good friends who can put things in perspective for you which helps not to totally lose it! The point I want to drive home here is that we can all shift our consciousness at any moment. Consciousness shifting is when you stop looking at everything that you perceive as bad in your life and switch your mind and thoughts to what is good. It is as simple as turning the channel on your television.

When you are so mired in negative thinking this mental quick sand will suck you down and suffocate the very joy out of life.

By throwing yourself a life line; which is shifting your mind to what you DO have that is good and putting your life back into perspective, it will lift the dark cloud and allow you to see reality.

Reality is what you choose to believe about your life; how you choose to perceive your life. And as they say, perception is reality, so if you choose to view everything from the dark side you will never live in the light.

When and if you experience feeling sorry for yourself, crying about what went wrong, thinking that there is no hope for whatever it is you desire, all of these feelings are fueled by the fear of believing that what you don’t want will actually happen!

Why worry about something that hasn’t happened? Worrying is a complete waste of time. Let’s say you worry and worry about something and what if what you are worrying about actually happens, you worried for nothing! And, what if it doesn’t happen, you worried for nothing! Either way, worrying will get you nowhere but bring you down.

Plus, keep in mind that what you keep your mind focused on you will attract into your life. If you ARE living in fear of something happening, the emotions the go along with fearing something will accelerate the very thing you don’t want to happen, to happen faster.

So if you find yourself falling into the pitfalls of any kind of negative thinking; consciously shift your mind from what you don’t want, to thinking about what you do want and how you want to live your life. When you don’t control your thinking, your thinking will control what happens in your life.