lucid dreaming out of body

Few aspects are imperative in achieving the right state of mind in which lucid dreaming can become possible. Maintaining brain wave activity similar to a normal dream state, while retaining a conscious awareness of yourself, being immersed in a Visualized dreamscape – virtual reality, created by your mind. There are several ways to successfully achieve a state of lucid dreaming. Through meditation, when you use Imagination and mind concentration to project a virtual reality, or work out a thought “am I dreaming?” when you are awake often and intensely enough at some point that thought will occur in your dream, that particular thought will call for your awareness to rise, triggering a state of lucid dreaming.
In theory present reality directly linked to our mind, which actively participates in changing reality. Mind – matter interaction a constant process which is controlled subconsciously, however with practice we can train ourselves to control matter with our conscious mind, allowing psychokinetic powers over material objects. When we lucid dream our abilities are limitless, everything we wish instantly can become real, we are the gods of our own designed reality. But, when we first enter this state we are powerless, limited with the same constraints that exists in the real world. Single thought acknowledging that this is a dream thus allowing ourselves to reset limits. Lucid Dreaming is like a sand box, in theory if our mind was ever designed, lucid dreaming is the feature added there, so we can test our newly developed abilities to alter our minds limits, before that would gradually reflect in the real world. If you participate in any sport, imagine the possibilities lucid dreaming could offer you. In a state of lucid dreaming you can run or jump at any speed or intensity, that form of practice, will expend your minds limits, and that will reflect on your records in present reality. People, who have psychic abilities often realized that, while they was dreaming.
Some mental exercises to try, these may be helpful to you in successfully entering a state of lucid dreaming:
Envision yourself inside of a simple environment it can be a borderless plane or the simplest white box, discard any of your thoughts that do not relate to the environment that you envision, try to move inside of that environment, in the same way you move in the real world, eventually it will start to feel real.
Simply try to think of yourself and the real world you are in , as somebody else’s thought (remember it is just an exercise). I think, “What if …” category of thoughts , are imperative to initiate independent thinking . These are key thoughts that drive the process of changing initial values that limit our abilities, by accepting possibilities we can change values of our mental settings and evolve.
Immerse yourself in absolute emptiness, think of absolutely nothing only you looking at yourself in the mirror, quiescent your mind and maintain your vision while entering a dream state, once you are there it will start to feel real.
I do believe that the practice of lucid dreaming eventually initiates evolution in consciousness and the thought “am I awake?” or “am I sleeping?” these thoughts trigger hyper state of awareness, a true awakening – full realization of who you really are, beyond the realm of physical existence, a state of consciousness where connection to your hypermind can be established, that is when we can be truly awakened.